This way, being the direction of any patisserie. In today’s case, in the direction of Le Bon Choix, Paddington. Its unmistakable French aesthetic provides the perfect background for some Fashion-Week-esque shots, and when you throw in the delicacies – it’s the perfect location.

What else to wear while enjoying the fading warmth of summer/disgustingly sweet caramel doughnut, than the tried and tested skirt-and-band-tee ensemble? An unequivocal staple in my wardrobe, I’ve been favouring the combination decidedly more often as summer draws to a close. In saying this, the change of season only highlights its versatility. Extremely customisable for any temperature – throw on a shearling lined corduroy jacket, some nylons and glitter boots and Bob’s your uncle.

Wearing: vintage Kiss tee sourced by Aquarium Vintage & Costume, lace up leather mini-skirt by Neon Hart @ General Pants & Co, boots by Therapy, sunglasses by Minkpink
Photography by Hannah Rowell

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