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It’s hard not to feel like ice cream when it’s 5000 degrees in the concrete labyrinth of the valley, and when you’re all hot and bothered, it’s equally as hard not to reach for your go-to outfit.

As hardworking as a 1st year Uni student at the start of semester one, the combination of leather skirt and vintage tee rarely fails. It can save you from a style rut on mornings when you can’t be bothered getting dressed, it can shave minutes off your Getting Ready PB, and it can do your washing and your taxes! Ok, maybe not that good.

But aside from the lack of ability to perform basic domestic tasks, it’s breezy enough to handle the heat of summer, versatile enough to be dressed up or down and you’ll look cool even though you’re sweating from everywhere. Even your knees.

Wearing: vintage Iron Maiden tee sourced by And Finally…, leather moto skirt by Oasis, vintage metallic clutch, slides by Sportsgirl, pink wall by Mister Fitz’s Icecream Parlour (lol)
Photography by Hannah Rowell

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