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For anyone wanting to feel like a fierce motherfucker on their weekly Botanica cupcake run – two things:

  1. leather skirt (preferably Saint Laurent, but if you’re on a Bartender budget like I am, Neon Hart will do.)
  2. ‘Cherry Bomb’ by The Runaways at full volume through your headphones.

For extra fierce-ness, wear the song on your shirt with this incredible tee by Ganni. No need for wash before wear with this baby, it’s already soft as hell and feels like you’ve owned it for years. Paired with suede booties and some black stonewash denim, you have a match made in heaven. Even though you’re only going to get a cupcake, people will assume your usual hangouts are CBGB in the 70s or the green room at a gig, amongst the guitars.

Wearing: vintage sherpa jacket, Cherry Bomb t-shirt by Ganni, leather skirt from General Pants, suede booties by Sol Sana, water by Antipodes (lol) (but seriously they’re environmentally conscious and aesthetic as fuck) (double lol).
Photography by Hannah Rowell

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